The Hunger Games

I very much enjoyed this trilogy. I thought the writing was good, the story was great, and the characters were very interesting.


I was worried early on that the love interest was going to ruin the books for me. I had Twilight like concerns, but those would turn out to be unfounded. I found myself not only enjoying that aspect of the books, but actually unsure of how I wanted it to end.


The first book was really entertaining. Just enough drama, plot and story to build up excitement and attachment to the characters, before the action starts. Very well told, and a very good blend of action/drama/plot throughout.


The 2nd book was weaker, but it was really laying the groundwork for the 3rd. The 2nd was by no means disappointing.


The 3rd was fascinating, if a little rushed. But I very much enjoyed it, and I was happy with the ending. Overall it was as exciting and interesting as the 1st, even though they’re completely different, if that makes sense.


Overall I would give the trilogy a very respectable 7/10

Writing 7/10

Character development 8/10

I would definitely recommend this series.


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