World War Z

I LOVE zombies, and I really had my heart set on this “amazing” book I’ve heard so much about. It sounded like a one of a kind exciting, gritty story. It was none of the above.


It tells the story of the world wide zombie epidemic, that apparently takes place over the course of 20 years or so (though throughout this book written as a documentation of the events, it’s surprisingly vague)


It jumps back and forth from one year to another. First you start at the beginning, then you’re 5 years in, then 10 then back to 2 or 3 years in, then back to the beginning, then back to the end, etc etc. There is no continuity, and no real sense of what’s going on anywhere at the time, except for the one little story you happen to be reading at that moment, which focuses on one person or one town, and basically gives you a brief synopsis of events. You have absolutely no attachment to any character in the book, because you only hear one little story about them, so vague, so short. And that’s what this book is. a collection of vague short stories mixed together.


I think of the stories in this book like little teasers for a story that never comes. Imagine seeing a trailer for a movie and thinking “That looks awesome, I wanna see that!”.  That’s exactly how I felt reading this book. “That story sounds awesome, i wanna read all that”. Nope, it’s 10 pages long, on to the next story.


Now again imagine seeing a couple trailers for a movie, then going to see it, and discovering that the movie itself is a collection of 30 trailers for a movie that doesn’t really exist. That sums up how I felt reading this book. It’s like a whole bunch of stories that would be great if there was any detail to them, or any attachment to the characters.


Lastly, one thing I found very irritating: The book is written as interviews with people after the events. Every single person talks exactly the same. The Chinese guys, the Russian woman, the Australian. Coincidentally, they all talk like a white guy :/


My opinion of this book:

Overall 2/10

Writing style 3/10

Character development/attachment 1/10


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