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John Dies at the End

June 26, 2012

I must be the only person on the internet that did not like this book at all. What am I missing?


It had its silly comical moments, but those were few and far between, mixed in with an endless supply of dick jokes.


Sure, the author has some creativity, but for the most part, for me, it was a chore to read. It started out weird, then got mildly interesting, only in that I thought it had potential and was really going to get good, but it never made it there.


I thought it was bizarre, when normally that kind of book would be right up my alley. It went from one time and place to another, seemingly with no segue.


Maybe the book had just lost my interest too much by this point, but *MASSIVE SPOILER AHEAD* the story was being told as an interview, to a reported. David Wong relating events to the reporting. When the reporter DIED, David continued to tell the story, but to whom? Did I completely miss something? It annoyed me the entire rest of the way. The ENTIRE book was a story being told to the reporter, and after he died, the story continued being told, as if still giving the interview to the dead man.


I also thought most of the conversation was relayed in a very annoying fashion. It made sense, I guess, because it was events being recounted in an interview. It wasn’t mean to read like a book, but rather like a story being retold to a person. I understood that, and it made sense, except, once again, for the part where the person being spoken to DIED and the story continued being told.


I was waiting the entire book for it to get interesting, or to climax at some point, but it never came. It just ended in a very boring and weird way.


I must just not get it. So many people highly recommend this point. It has fantastic reviews, yet to me, it’s garbage. Maybe I just don’t get it.


Strangely enough, the movie trailer actually looks like it could be good. Go figure.