Amanda Hocking, please hire an editor.

I picked up Amanda Hocking’s Hollowland on Amazon because it’s 100% free, and I still feel like I paid too much. I know she’s an indie author (or was at the time) but the sheer amount of errors, mistakes and typos drove me crazy.

It’s hard to follow a book when you have to reread sentences to try and figure out what they mean, due to typos, and literally MISSING words. Sentences where one word is missing, and in its place the word previous to it is repeated by mistake.

More often than not she ends a characters statement with a coma, when it should be a period. I mean literally about 60% of the time.

She uses “and” and “but” extremely frequently and incorrectly. She seems to use them as though they are interchangeable in any sentence. An example of something she would say: “I was really hungry, and it was time to leave.” Instead of “I was really hungry, but it was time to leave.” It might seem like I’m being picky, but this book is absolutely full of the misuse of “and” and “but”. I mean every other page.

What I don’t understand is how someone writes a dozen books, but myself or any member of my family could correct a hundred errors with ease.

In addition to the typos, errors, and misuse of the English language, the story is just “OK”. I mean if you let the little things go, like referring to revolvers using “clips” of ammo, or the “bullets” the shotgun uses. Ignore her completely lack of understanding the things she writes about, and just look at the story itself.

Well, there’s really no attachment to any character. What makes them so important that we don’t want them to die? Uh, they have a name, that’s about it.

With how “simple” this book is written, and how it’s advertised as a “young adult” book, I really got the feeling it was more for teenagers. Young teenagers. I got this feeling about the time they ran into a zombie killing pet lion. This HAS to be a children’s book, with somewhat graphic, though unimaginative zombie slaying. And that would be just fine and everything. heck, my little sister might enjoy it. Oh, except for the GRAPHIC SEX SCENE.

I really don’t understand how this book has nearly 500 Amazon reviews, and the vast majority are positive.

I guess Amanda Hocking just isn’t for me. Maybe if English was my 2nd language, and I didn’t like character development, I’d be able to stand it enough to give the 2nd book in the series a shot. But no. I will never know where the series goes from here. I can’t make myself read another.

And just for the record, I love indie authors. I really do. I can accept that their work will be less polished, and that they may have a weaker vocabulary than I’m use to. But when you sign a book deal for two million dollars, I think you can afford to hire an editor.

In March 2011, Hocking signed her first conventional publishing contract for four books, at a price of two million dollars

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